“All geologic time is contemporary; all materials that we use to give form to the city have come to the present through deep geologic time.

“Modern life and deep geologic time are profoundly embedded within one another, with great consequence for both the present and the future. Humans are not only intimately living with — and rapidly using up — geologic material that took scores of millions of years to create, we are also laying down a new and utterly unique stratum on the earth. It’s made up of human-made materials (including waste), and it will remain as one of earth’s geologic layers long after our species is gone.”

- Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse, Geologic City

Geologics are the logics of the Earth. They are the mechanisms we use to interact with a place in accordance with its own essential rules. They are processes that we define, based on our recognition of the various systems to be acted on, in order to implant habitable structures that follow a natural order.

- Vicente Guallart, GeoLogics: Geography, Bits and Architecture

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